Advantages of Hookah Charcoal

Shisa Charcoal is a type of charcoal with very high quality. It will definitely make your activities more enjoyable. It’s the same as Hookah charcoal which is made from a material called natural hardwood, both rambutan, alam petak, Halaban, guava and other tamarind wood. The following are some of the advantages of hookah charcoal, including :

What are the Advantages of Hookah Charcoal ?


  • Made of Quality Material

Please note that Hookah lump charcoal is a type of charcoal made from a variety of quality materials and the materials that have been selected by professionals are derived from natural hardwoods namely rambutan, natural plot, guava, halaban, mangrove, tamarind and various types of the best wood. other.

This charcoal is produced directly by pohacee which is very useful of course for barbeque needs and industrial needs. Burned at a temperature of 1000 F which is the best temperature for burning charcoal, the combustion is also hot enough to make cooking much easier and easier (2-3 hours)

This type of charcoal is the best charcoal of all natural hardwood lump charcoal because it can be used for grilling, smoking, outdoor cooking and partying. Next up is the same hookah charcoal made from 100% coconut from Sulawesi.

This type of charcoal is basically made from coconut wood, which also comes from the island of Sumatra, with a minimum burning time of 2.5 hours. Likewise, products that are very environmentally friendly are also very natural in that no trees are cut down to produce this charcoal product.

To heat the best charcoal requires heat with a degree of at least 500 C for sure. Please note again that this premium charcoal product is free of chemicals, odorless and this product burns three times much longer, giving birth to a different experience.

  • Classy Barbeque Charcoal Briquettes

BBQ charcoal is one of our products made from very hard wood such as sawdust or coconut. Complete with a minimum briquette burning time of 3.5 hours, this is also combined with temperatures that heat up to 800 F for a long time so the results are very satisfying.

Natural binders and fillers are also a complete combination with manual compression power into a very distinctive wooden or hexagonal pillow shape. Of course, this will make charcoal even more interesting and rare to see. Because you will only find this type of charcoal here.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Pohacee charcoal is one type of charcoal which is the healthiest option for you and your environment to choose from. Because of course it has no chemical additives and can last throughout a Hookah session without the need to replace your charcoal once and this is certainly advantageous.

It should be underlined that this type of charcoal can last three times much longer than the other. Because the minimum burning time is time efficient, it can withstand 30 drop tests without cracking. Complete with no smoke, and does not produce any odor. This type of charcoal is also non-toxic, very flammable and the burning time is relatively long for sure. 

That’s what can be explained about the Advantages of Hookah Charcoal. Thank you, and I hope this article is useful for all of you.


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